2019 is here!

We jumped into the new year 2019, which is also the last year of this decade.

Let this year brings you sincere smiles, happiness, good relationships, health and everything you want for yourself. Know that nothing happens by itself, you always have to go towards your dreams and work to make them happen. Don’t worry if there are ups and downs on the way. That’s how things are in life. You just have to pick up and go on with more motivation than before. This is what makes us different, successful and happy.

New Year’s resolutions – we have them each year, but few of them lasts. Have you ever wondered why? The reason most likely lies in the fact that most of them are forced. We think that at the beginning of the year it’s necessary to start a new path, a better one. Well, this is not true. When you decide to make a change, you will know for yourself when it’s the right time. Therefore, leave all the New Year’s resolutions that have not been accepted with heart and motivation, on the side and do what makes you happy.


Our New Year’s resolution has been the same for many years now, since we have long decided that we will try to satisfy you, our dear customers. We will try to spread a positive atmosphere and awareness that the Slovenian products are always a good choice.

Come, join us and help spread the good news about Slovenian designers in 2019.

All the best in 2019, and go eat those leftovers now. :)