Ana Klun

How to paint a time shade into love or Klun calendar story
Klun calendars were generated by a desire. A desire to search for something beautiful, a desire to give a present to my social media followers, a desire to purify the image and a desire to paint with brush and ink. I have made a decision and since January 2016 I have been creating a new calendar sheet starting on the first day of every month.
You awarded me with an outstanding response!
Our calendar found its way to your walls and rooms. You have been sending me dozens of images of placing the calendar into your own particular styling context which turned out as unique scenography masterpieces. I was honoured, excited and proud over and over again by realizing the web immensity seeing my calendar on Instagram and Facebook. Some of you simply printed my calendar sheet which sometimes led to an authentic and warm friendship. The digital platform was replaced by long chats in front of a cup of coffee and a pleasant hang out.

The inspiration for a single image was materialized through the four seasons, my own first association to a certain month, to special events… I was catching trends you embraced as they were your own. With a photographer Romina Ivančič we eternalized every month. I took over the styling part and she cared of the lighting and sharpness.
With the end of the year approaching and the quantity of the items related to the advent festivities on the shop shelves, I was more and more challenged to create the calender for the year to come. I might have hesitated a little, but as soon as I opened the ink bottle and took up the brush the creative flow took over and just now I drew the last brush stroke of Klun calender 2017. It is now ready for your costumers to hang it on their favourite room wall.

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