Aromica is a Slovenian brand. The idea for an innovative, natural and sustainable fragrance product was born to Tanja. In her time, she drove a lot of cars. She liked the air in the car
pleasant and fragrant, so she bought many air fresheners, but they always disappointed her. Artificial, overpowering odor and associated headaches, plastics, greasy liquids leaking
stains and contained harmful artificial chemicals. So while searching for the best scented product, she found the idea in herself. It increasingly complemented and upgraded it. The result is Aromica – a natural fragrant companion made from completely natural materials. The Floral Meadow fragrance is a blend of 100% natural essential oils that awaken good mood, release tension and raise concentration. Aromica with a gentle scent takes you to a flowering meadow, where the freshness from the grapefruit plantation joins. The smell you remember.

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