My story with bee wraps began when I was sewing reusable shopping bags in an effort to reduce waste. I was reading other advice about zero waste housekeeping, and I came across a tip to make cloth that replaces plastic wrap. The idea sounded brilliant. I had all the necessary supplies at home and quickly started to make the first wraps. I made a few for my friends and myself. We loved them and started using
them regularly.
For awhile I have been searching for inspiration to redirect my career path, and I was thrilled to introduce the first BeeZeeB collection. Over months of designing packaging and trying different wax mixture recipes, I have started the closure of the original activity of my company. The time has come for new challenges.
I am also gradually transforming my household in line with the principles of zero waste. I am buying fruits and vegetables from local farmers. I don’t buy yogurt in plastic containers, but instead I bring glass jars to a local farmer who refills them. I
swapped paper towels for bamboo towels that can be washed, and I repurposed old towels as make up removers.

Join me in taking care of our environment!