The DOMAtri brand came to life as a result of searching for a protocol gift which says home and unique.  There is a possibility of upgrading the products as the individual companies intentions. Then it became much more. It spoke to a much broader crowd who wanted to insert the nature into their homes.

The name of the brand consists of the words “doma” which means “at home” and the number three “tri”, which represents the number of peaks of our mightiest and highest mountain, Triglav. The brand is created my Maja and Dolores, each with her own knowledge. It all starts within us, in search for a product which would find a connection with people who love mountains, respect the nature and to those, passing by and falling in love in our country.

Triglav is the highest mountain in Slovenia. It is 2864m high. A lot of people climb it and experience strong emotions of pride, joy and fulfillment when they reach the top. Climbing Triglav is not easy but it can be done. Each and every one of us has “Triglavs” in our lives. Challenges which seem impossible to overcome. Do not be afraid to try. Your strength can surprise you. Win. Be strong. Reach for the top!

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