Emo Novum

The origin of enamelled kitchenware manufacturing is placed in Celje back in the year 1894, back to the early start of Factory for production of enamelled tanks that was established by Adolf Westen. Under a high quality trademark of »two lions« the kitchenware was known worldwide. The company has successfully expanded its business, developed new programs and created new company name: EMO (enamel factory, metal industry and tool factory). After the independence of Slovenia, the company emerged into business difficulties, due to the loss of ex-Yugoslav markets and was placed under a management of Development fund. In the interest of municipal Celje to obtain the secular tradition of enamelled kitchenware manufacturing, it purchased company and manufacturing facilities from the development fund in 1998 and has leased them with lease agreement to company EMO – ETT. Later on it sold the premises to the current company owner Janko Turnšek, who has continued the production of enamelled kitchenware.

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