Ika Renčelj

“I’m inspired by looking at a woman who knows how to wear her clothes, and above all, who can confidently wear a scarf or gloves. I can be inspired by a form that I discover in nature, unusual color combinations on a field and more, and more. I enjoy when I discover a new technique for creating jewellery or textile processing and then the night is just mine.
A large city fills me with energy; I could sit for hours on a street with some coffee or a glass of wine and just observe passers-by.
Every woman should be aware that she is unique. This is the best basis for choosing outfits. Simple lines, grooming, avoiding excessively narrow clothing and following your own personal style – can never be wrong. When reaching a certain maturity, a woman’s cleavage can accept strong jewellery that adds a charismatic focus to the outfit. I could mention the most flagrant errors made by women in their fifties. Leggings as an independent garment. Horrific. Yoga pants are for yoga. The biggest mistakes appear in the selection of shoes. The Balonbalon skirts in our offer are ideal for this age (you can wear leggings underneath) because they optically narrow the waist and emphasize the female silhouette.”