Leis by Gigodesign


Leis and the collections of wooden home accessories combine rich tradition with the needs of contemporary living. With clean lines and thoughtful functional features Leis puts traditional Slovenian wood products at the centre of a contemporary kitchen and restores their added value with a visible brand. Leis is the result of cooperation between the design company Gigodesign and woodworking craftsmen from Dolenjska, who have worked on wooden products for decades. The result of the combination of modern design and long-standing craft skills are attractive, user friendly and perfected products from locally sourced beech wood.

“Leis products are the pride of Trgovina Ika because of their simplicity, elegance and usability. We are pleased to have them in our stores, especially when the Leis collection grows with a new, original product.”
Trgovina Ika

“The success and astuteness of a merchant who decides to sell high-quality products for home and thus to promote local producers and designers, is reflected not only in the selection of products. At least as important is the approach to selling, witch is always original in Trgovina Ika, on the one hand adapted to the individual product or brand and on the other friendly and attractive to buyers.”
Nataša Arko, Gigodesign

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