Mia and mika

mia and mika

As a mom of two small children I was always looking for good baby soft sole shoes or moccasins how some call them, that would be warm, durable, unisex and with a minimalistic classical design. Also, as someone who is suffering from allergies and has highly sensitive skin I wanted the shoes to be made from vegetable tanned leather that is chrome free. I couln’t find them, so I said to myself maybe one day you could make them.
Our mia & mika story started back in 2015.
I lost my job and most importantly I lost my health. It was the hardest time of my life. I just waited thet the time would pass, but it didn’t, so I deciede to try sewing, something I never had time to learn.
Today this is a good story, but back then, it started as a hobby who helped me survive my hardest days.