Nika Stupica

Porcelain or white gold. Seemingly fragile, yet strong, distinguished by extraordinary whiteness and translucency. A play of light, captured in a cup. Fine relief on the surface, removal or addition. White glazed or unglazed surface. A dot or two. Green, black, blue.
Nika has always had a desire to create. When she was little, she created figurines from clay that she had gathered in a nearby creek and then baked them in a wood oven. In her workshop she mostly creates translucent, white and delicate porcelain, high fired ceramics and porcelain jewellery.
The material is special in all stages of the manufacture. It is fired at a high temperature, which closes all the pores and renders it non-porous. Porcelain doesn’t absorb water or dirt even if it isn’t glazed.

Photo: Maj Pavček, for LabLar; Delavnica polna nereda