Nina Kovačič Illustration

Already during my physics studies I felt that this is not the right path for me, but nonetheless I stuck with it for quite some time, even after graduation. Throughout my college years I worked as a waitress and spent most of my time searching for the “right thing”, the thing that I would like to do in life. And as it so often happens, the answer was right in front of me all the time — the answer was illustration. I didn’t pay it much mind, it’s not possible to make a living of illustration, or so I was told. Even though I haven’t drawn since childhood and until the end of my studies, today I am proving otherwise and I am passionately maneuvering the world of illustration as a physicist and a
self-taught illustrator. Perhaps that’s what makes my illustrations different; different because they are mine, because my path is different. I am inspired by comical moments and the vibrancy of everyday life on the one side and by peace and quiet on the other. I mostly work digitally, but from time to time I also like to draw something by hand, mostly in black and white. My illustrations are
custom-made, mostly for agencies and publishing companies, some are meant as gifts, others end up on walls of children’s bedrooms, I do a lot of children’s books and sometimes I simply create something for myself, for the soul. I especially enjoy creating greeting cards for special occasions. I strive to make them different, progressive, I want to move away from traditional festive designs. That is how the greeting cards collection “Hands” was born in the summer of 2016. With this collection I wanted to remind people that it’s the little things that matter. A small act of kindness, a lovely gesture, a warm greeting, an interesting illustration.