Podobe – Erika Č. Jug

Erika Jug

“Podobe” happened unplanned, from pure joy, from joy to creation, from the desire for a beautiful image.

Author was fascinated by the possibility of creating something wonderful from the fragments of nature that surround us and is not really seen. Pebbles deluded by thousands touches of the sea. She uses the exact ones she find. It does not change its shape, she does not process them. The sea has done everything it takes. In a few moves, the image of something new and beautiful is born. Even though hours are spent searching for matching pieces of glittering glass or pebbles, it’s fun and beautiful. The finished image is always new and inspiring.

Images are vignettes of moments. They reflect long-forgotten images and buried memories of life. My, yours, someone who was, someone who will still be.