Summer working hours

Do you find yourself constantly in a hurry to catch our 7.30 pm closing? ;) Not anymore. You can now visit our store until 8 pm every day, from Monday to Sunday. We’ll be waiting for you! :)

PolonaPolona favourite mugs now online

No need to search for them in our store; especially in this heat! You can now take a good look at them and order them while safely on your couch: the heartbreaking Kurt, ever so understanding Alma and ever so lovable Diana. If you don’t really like any of them (which we strongly believe cannot…

BORN Atelier bags now online

Even though BORN Atelier brings us products from a 40-something studio, this brand isn’t to be underestimated. Why? Because thir bags are made of just two main ingredients: felt, made of recycled plastic bottles, and colourful leather that other factories have left behind. They are everything but your usual bags; they tell stories of second chances, of unexpected possibility, of a new…

Viva’s Crossbody Bags got a new look!

Are you one of those who have been searhing for The One, the great and magnificent leather bag for waaay too long? Well it’s looking for you, too! You can meet each other here; just make sure you spot her in time now that she got a new look! We’ll give you a hint: it’s covered…

New fashion pieces by Mila.Vert

Mila.Vert is a brand as green as May outside your window. That’s why we are so glas they brightened up our closet with some of their new pieces recently! Pleats, slits and hidden pockets, oh my!

New fashion pieces by Viva’s

A spring breeze is freshening up our closets! Viva’s has created woderful shirts and sweaters made of top quality organic cotton – and they look good on just about every girl you can think of. To make them extra special, Viva’s has joined her ideas with skills of illustrators and designers Vida Igličar and Studio Mashoni….

New socks by Transport

This April’s moody weather seems to be telling us that sandals in our closet still need some time before we put them on our feet. Strangely enough, our shelves have suddenly filled with new pairs of socks that have kept just the right amount of spring foolishness in them. Some of them even come with…

Nove skodelice PolonaPolona

Pa so le prišle, težko pričakovane! Po poličkah se na novo razgledujeta Coco in Alma, družbo jima delata Darth Vader in princesa Leia, France se vrača v novi preobleki. Srečko pa pridno šarmira in osvaja srca vseh, ki pridejo mimo!

New postcards by Ananoia

For places near and far, far away, Ananoia Studio created some postcards to warm up you mailbox. They are made to carry soft whispers, happy words and kisses around te globe, but can sit perfectly still in every frame, too.

New teatowels Kukamkuro

Memories of colouring books, fantasies of a vibrant kitchen and a “peekaboo” of a warm bread unerneath it: that’s what the Kukamkuro towel is. It’s almost too pretty to dry the dishes with it! The cotton, coloured with love somewhere in Slovenia, would rather see you use it to cover the freshly baked pies you made…