May is in the IKA store dedicated to bees + special promotion

‘Bees, bees, you are my friends’ is a slovenian song that many of us are happy to sing. Bees are really our friends, because without them the world we know today would not exist.  Did you know that their biggest contribution is pollination of almost three quarters of all plants with which we produce 90% of the world’s food? Stunning isn’t it? And because the threat to these small winged creatures is increasing from year to year, we decided to also contribute to raising awareness of the importance of bees.

In the month of May, when we celebrate World Bee Day, and we dedicated both shop windows to them. In the small display you find products of the JAGABABA brand with a bee motif, with which they welcomed the celebration of World Bee Day, on 20th May, two years ago. In the large display, however, are BeeZeeb products, waxed cloths, a sustainable reusable product that replaces plastic and aluminum foil.

Promotion dedicated to bees

We have prepared two special things for you:

  • When you buy an apron and a kitchen cloth with a bee motif, you also receive a free bread bag, also with a bee motif.
  • When you buy FOOD WRAP waxed cloths, you will receive another additional cloth free of charge.

Both benefits are valid until the end of May in the online store and the IKA Store in Ljubljana (Ciril-Metodov trg 13).
We look forward to your visit and thank you for supporting Slovenian. #podpiramslovensko #savethebees