NEW: Mugs for people who like apples

We have them, new mugs!

Mugs with a sketch of a man who changed technology. With his fantastic ideas (which came to his mind in a closed room, in the company of “mushroom soup” … but that’s another story …) he created a computer, a phone … things that are much more than that, he created the name for quality and gave new meaning to apples, especially to those who are a little bit off. :)

Introducing the one and only Steve! So, if you have an iPhone (iMac etc …), you must get this mug for your coffee :)

Skodelica | Mug

Oh, and we got a new supply of purple Prince mugs and plates with sketches of a band who cries for Yesterday. And don’t forget Freddie, he is good with a vacuum cleaner like he was with microphone.