NEW: Mugs for real rockers and those who are in love

Polonapolona brought fresh breeze to our shop and it’s time to rock’n’roll.  From the shelves they already sing about the yellow submarine and about the nostalgic yesterday. Keith finally decided to retire after most of his life with the stones and he chose our store for his dream destination – I suppose he wanted to get a little closer with other musical colleagues here.

Nove skodelice

The biggest surprise were Adam and Eve, who came to Ciril Metod 13 from paradise, even though we love to eat fresh apples early in the morning. Their arrival triggered a wave of celebrity couples who started knocking on the door. So now we have Josip and Jovanka and Humpfrey and Ingrid also in our store. Who could say no to them?

The singing and dancing is caused by: