Polonapolona mugs have new boxes and they are awsome!

We have them. New boxes for Polonapolona mugs, that we can not describe in our own world. They are really awsome and genius. The whole story shared by Polona Pačnik, the genius mind behind the creation of mugs and now boxes, goes something like this:

“Having been utterly annoyed that all ‘home products’ shall be packed in brown boxes, I decided to make new and less earthly coloured ones. And not that I would claim the life-altering revelation of putting a cup in the cheapest box you can find and stamping a sticker on it is my idea, but as we all know, when it was your idea to wear that mini jean skirt to school you may feel everyone is copying you (and that does not stand as the truest form of flattery).⁠ But then I can’t stop but remember that the art of cup painting exists since neolithic and that they were surely packed in papyrus boxes, as soon as they knew what that was. ⁠”

“When I was thinking about the new boxes my mind kept racing in two ways: how to make our heroes come to life and how to make our boxes look like they are telling a story of their own⁠. And then I scribbled over my whole sketchbook with truly baffling ideas, mainly too expensive or impossible to pull out.⁠ This idea (it really is brilliant, even if it is me saying) came to me over coffee (and hot chocolate and two croissants). Being in the moment I drew out this whole look on an old concert ticket (very old) because it was the only paper that I could spare. ⁠ As they say: coffee and culture are the true inspirations.”

Skodelica Polonapolona | Polonapolona mug

“There had been some difficulties picking colours.  It’s hard to choose 8 colours that are going well together. We had some problems finding the right print and when we found it, we figured that when taking photos of boxes, colours are diffrent than in real life, so bottom line is, the boxes are way nicer and more beautiful than on web photos.”