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Artful knitted scarf black grey lace

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Knitted scarves, reinterpretation of traditional Slovenian Idrija lace. The collection is made from high quality wool and viscose in very small, often unique series.
Baraga has been established by painter and fibre artist Ksenija Baraga. Since its inception Baraga has been creating products out of a rare marriage between quality, design and traditional weaving techniques. The colourful Baraga Scarves playfully reinterpret traditional patterns with artistic interventions, while also satisfying the ecologically-conscious consumer. Production is kept local and fine Italian fibres are exclusively sourced. Baraga scarves were commissioned for the Slovenian Ethnographic Museum in 2014 and have been chosen as gifts by the Protocol of the Republic of Slovenia in 2015.

Made in Slovenia.
Material: 100 % Extrafine Merine Wool
Size 188 x 30 cm

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Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 188 × 30 cm


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