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CLiCQUES wooden peg dolls

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CLiCQUES are decorative toys & playful decorations. 

IMPORTANT: If you buy 2 peg dolls you get them in a house-shaped box that can be individually customized with beautiful interior backgrounds.

Product Description

CLiCQUES [clicks] are colourful, beautiful and fun wooden peg dolls made from high-quality European hornbeam. They are CE certified and handpainted with certified child-safe paints and varnishes.

The handmade wooden toys consist of three elements that are held together with tiny magnets designed for you to mix them up, switch their clothes and use them as educational toys for teaching colours and different colour combinations. Since CLiCQUES have minimal facial features, these magnet toys stimulate children’s inner picturing abilities and do not set limitations to creative thinking.




  • 7 cm (girls) and
  • 7,5 cm (boys)
  • House: 9 x 6,5 x 13,5 cm
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