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Cook Eat Slovenia The cookbook

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A cookbook that brings traditional Slovenian recipes to kitchens worldwide. A celebration of the food, flavors, and heritage of one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.

The story of this important culinary and cultural book started four years ago, when author  Špela Vodovc launched Cook Eat Slovenia: a series of cooking classes dedicated to traditional Slovenian food for international travelers. Her dream was to share one-of-a-kind — yet traditional — experiences. Visitors quickly became friends while learning from a local girl, who taught and served the kinds of food Slovenians have eaten at home (for everyday and festive occasions) for centuries.

Over the years, she’s hosted hundreds of happy foodies in her classes. The result of those sessions, along with hundreds of years of gastronomic passion across generations, is this cookbook: Cook Eat Slovenia. This publication is the first of its kind, dedicated to bringing the delicious experience of Slovenian cuisine to people around the world.

Inside, you’ll find more than 100 family recipes and tips for cooking traditional Slovenian dishes. Divided into chapters for each of the four seasons — with a focus on fresh, local ingredients and rich cultural traditions — it tells a story … rather than only teaching readers how to cook. More than just a book of recipes and instructions, this is a map to the author’s culture through traditional Slovenian dishes.

The goal is to fill stomachs and hearts while also providing a travel guide to an amazing culinary destination: the beautiful little country of Slovenia.

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