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Enamel coffee MUG black

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“The enamelling dish – a dish kind to the environment”
The enamelling dish is a high quality dish with a long-lasting tradition, it is experienced and has excellent cooking characteristics. It is made from steel plate of different thickness and it is coated with enamel (glass), which gives it high lustre and beautiful aesthetical appearance.

The enamelling dish is accompanied by the following qualities:
Excellent resistance to heat and usage. It is convenient for preparing healthy food, because it does not contain harmful substances and does not cause the allergies.

The instructions for the first usage of the dish are:
Before the usage the dish has to be cleaned by a cleaning detergent for dishes and wiped up till dry. You should never put an empty dish on a hot warming surface because the high temperature can cause damage to the enamel (it is not suitable for preparing food without fat or liquid).

Other instructions and advices for a pleasant dish usage are:

  • For cooking on open fire use the dish with a bigger diameter than the fireplace.
  • Before preparing farinaceous food or cooking milk rinse the dish with water.
  • For a regular dish maintenance use a cleaning sponge and detergent or wash it in dishwasher without adding any other concentrated detergents.
  • The dish is not convenient for a longer watering.
  • After cleaning it, wipe it to keep the lustre.
  • You should never cut inside the dish. Sharp things can damage the enamel.

The users’ warning:
Constant cleaning in a dishwasher can reduce brightness of thermo-plastic handles. Relating to health, the dish is irreproachable and this is why it is classified as a top quality dish within the cooking materials. The enamelling dish corresponds to all regulations which are valid for materials connected with food. The dish is convenient on all types of cooking places.

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