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Bottle Equa ACTIVE white

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EQUA is all about healthy lifestyle and staying active in your everyday life.

Product Description

When designing the ACTIVE collection, we put your health and the environment first. The healthiest,natural and 100% recyclable material, which we were able to find was glass. While deciding amongst different types of glass, we found borosilicate glass. Its qualities are firmness, resistance to thermal shocks and chemicals. EQUA is all about healthy lifestyle and staying active in your everyday life. They created an ACTIVE line for everyone who asked for the glass bottles to have extra protection so they added an upper silicon to the squeeze shaped bottle. There is an extra thin silicon on the bottle which you can either use as a decoration for bottle or you can wear it around your wrist and it will always remind you to stay hydrated. You can now take your EQUA ACTIVE bottle with you to the gym, yoga or other sports activities.


  • The EQUA ACTIVE bottle holds 550 ml.
  • Shape made to best fit into your palm.
  • Made from best quality borosilicate glass.
  • Bottom and upper silicone offers extra protection to the bottle.
  • The lid is made of stainless steel, polypropylene and silicon ring which enables the EQUA ACTIVE bottle to be 100% leak proof.
  • The mouthpiece is the perfect size for a refreshing drink.
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Additional information

Weight 0.341 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 23.5 cm



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