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GOAT Mug 350 ml Brown

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Bringing style to coffee drinking.

Product Description

Goat is a practical and sustainable coffee mug, paying homage to the goats that discovered coffee. Its horn shape not only tells the original story of coffee but also helps you drink the last sip and makes you look good. The leather holder simply turns into a coffee mug stand, so you can easily keep the mug on your desk. Goat comes with a set of two straps (short and long part combine into one), so you can simply attach it to your bag or just let it fall across your shoulder. This way you can carry your books or bags and talk on the phone while carrying your coffee around. It’s 100% leak proof so don’t worry about getting coffee stains on your jeans. It’s also safe for your health because it’s BPA free.

GOAT Mug materials Material used for the mug is BPA FREE Polypropylene. The holder is wrapped in your choice of material: REAL LEATHER or HEMP textile.

OFFICE As easy as 1-2-3, your GOAT STORY coffee mug will be able to stand on your office desk and it will be at a hand´s reach all the time. Just take the handle off, turn it around, place the mug in it. Voila! The ergonomic shape will help you drink your coffee. Have we mentioned that it won’t fall over?

URBAN If you love coffee as much as we do, you would like to have a sip of it at every step. However, most reusable coffee mugs are pretty unpractical to use. Which is why you will LOVE GOAT STORY coffee mug. It comes with a cross body strap, which lets you carry your business case in one hand while replying e-mails on your phone, in between sips. Also, you can use the shorter strap to attach it to your bag or carry it around your wrist and keep your hands free.

GOAT MUG FEATURES It holds 350 ml or 12 oz. and it keeps its content warm for up to 2 hours. 100% leak proof. The project was succesfully founded on Kickstarter.

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