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IKA linen skirt red

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With the new collection of clothes, Ika Renčelj proved that skirts can be worn by all women who want to feel beautiful, feminine and elegant. The shape of the skirt emphasizes the female silhouette, suits every figure and perfectly hides any extra kilos that cause you gray hair.

The linen skirt has an added push of flowers, which provide a youthful, blooming, fresh and spring look. The speciality however, is definitely a belt that stands out from the established tracks and adds elegance to the skirt. Flax has always been considered a popular material in the hot months of the year. It is a light and friendly material, so the skirts are also suitable for warm spring days, as well as the hottest summer days.

You can wear them to work, important events, in fact, anywhere you want your surroundings to see you shine in all their beauty.


Material: flax
Belt: knitted to order. Base material cotton + elastomer for flexibility. With a minimalist luminous thread that adds glamor to the skirt.
Made and designed in Slovenia

If a skirt in your size is not in stock, contact us. If the goods are still in stock, we can make them to measure.

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