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Fresh and fruity, London Dry Gin has a distinctive fruity taste. 25 different natural flavours used during the distillation process give us a balanced drink that can be drunk neat, with tonic water or in cocktails. The complexity of flavours and aromas is achieved by double distillation

Product Description

Karakter Distillery is a boutique gin distillery from Bohinj. Their products are different, the special Karakter is reflected in the mixed spice preparation processes, double distillation and the use of aromas that we used to be unaccustomed to. Gins from the heart of the Julian Alps are balanced, distinctly fruity and have unlimited possibilities for mixing in cocktails, but can also be drunk neat.

Type: Infused Gin (hibiscus flowers and wild cherries are added after distilling)
Characteristics: Candy-like, floral, fresh, no added sugar
Botanicals used: Juniper, coriander, Angelica root, citrus peel, raspberries, beetroots, almonds, dry pears, hibiscus, wild cherry
Distilling method: Maceration, vapour infusion, infusion, percolation
Still: Column still

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