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Jovanka and Josip cups

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Coffe is nice. Drink it from a funny cup!

Product Description

Josip, the chosen one
fan of poodles, voluptuous movie stars and starched white uniforms,
best dressed on any hunting party, bon vivant owner of the heaviest boat and the bluest train, still silent on the mystery of his body double, non-aligned.

Jovanka, the first lady
owner of much copied hair style,
beauty that overshadowed crowned heads,
a long-standing target of yellow press,
huge fan of cream cakes,
fearless cha-cha-cha dancer,
fashion icon.

The brand that puts witty drawings of upstanding citizens on housewares, and puts snarky comments in their mouth, made by fairest hands of Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Jovanka and Josip are the perfect esspresso cups for you home.

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