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Ljubljana socks

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The dragon is the symbol and protector of Ljubljana and has a proud place on the coat-of-arms of the city and on the Dragon Bridge. Legend has it that Ljubljana was founded by Jason, the hero from Greek mythology, who stole a golden fleece from King Aeëtes. Together with his comrades he escaped across the Black sea up the Danube river and the Sava river until they reached the Ljubljanica river where they dismantled their ship, carried it to the Adriatic sea and returned to Greece. On the way to the sea, they stopped at the source of the Ljubljanica river, by a large lake and swamp, where a dragon lived, which Jason defeated and killed. The Dragon Bridge is adorned and protected by as many as 20 dragons and at the same time the dragons from the Dragon Bridge have become the most recognizable element of Ljubljana. Ljubljana sports clubs, football and basketball clubs also have the dragon as their symbol, but of course there is no sport without ardent supporters who hear on the name Green Dragons!

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