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Ljubljana’s Postcard MiMi

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She loves Ljubljana and she likes to illustrate stories written by life, because Life is definitely the most inspiring writer, she says.

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Polish girl living in Slovenija. Wife of her husband Jošt and mother of their sweet baby girl Kalina.
Friends called her Marysia or MiMi because Maria Magdalena is too long. She has her curly head high in clouds. She is talkative, full of energy and full of ideas. She mastered in art conservation at UMK University. She is painting, illustrating. She is the one who is creating, drawing, painting, cutting and sewing.
She needs coffee with milk in the morning to wake up. And she needs jogging and running for normal functioning in the world.
The technique that she mastered and adore to use is watercoluor and ink. She loves painting, it feels as if she is painting for her soul but mostly all her creativity comes from it. Painting just makes her happy, it is that simple. She doesn’t like to complicate with the themes she uses for her work, she rather try to capture the simplest moments and situations of everyday life. She loves to illustrate stories written by life, because Life is definitely the most inspiring writer.
She also like to get involved with other special projects, like using her drawings to design greeting cards or room decorations.

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