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Musguard FRONT

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Rollability, slick look, light weight, ease of use.

Product Description

Musguard FRONT follows the same concept as its big brother – rollability, slick look, light weight, ease of use. Down tube mounted, it serves to reduce the amount of dirt sprayed on your lower leg and shoes. It features an anti-slip patch for firm fit. The set is made to fit together for easy storage.

The idea behind Musguard is actually simple yet brilliantly protects your back when you ride your bike. It’s rollable bike fender, sleek and compact, light and clean, just like a feather. You can roll it on your bike’s frame when not in use, but simple roll it open to use. It offers good look as well as function at affordable price, it weighs just 35 grams, and you don’t need extra parts to ruin your bike’s aesthetic.
Musguard is made from strong and recyclable polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet, combined with a unique folding system to keep it stable and firmly fit. It blocks any water or mud spraying from the wheel to you while riding your bike.
Find your detailed manual pdf here.

This project was successfully funded with Kickstarter.

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