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Set of platters RIBRAND

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A collection of minimalist kitchen utensils Wood for food is made of solid hard maple wood from the surrounding forests. Maple wood has a very appealing bright hue and is known to be very solid and long-lasting. The design is based on basic geometric forms, spiced up with a hint of colour to add a playful twist.

Product Description

This 3-piece set of platters can be assembled like puzzle pieces thanks to their hexagon shape. They work both as serving platters and as a set of small chopping boards. Their faceted design is what makes them easy to handle and carry. Perfect for serving snacks and appetizers or displaying desserts.

Made of: solid maple wood with two edges coated in food-safe paint
Designed by: Janez Mesarič, Mashoni
Made in: Ribnica, Slovenia

Care & notes
Hand-wash with mild soap, rinse with water and air-dry. The set comes unoiled – for best results, treat the uncoloured surface with linseed or olive oil every few months. Do not expose to direct sunlight.

A word from the designers
Coming up with the name Ribrand was simple. It’s a composition of two words: Ribnica and brand. But the word also appealed to me because it is pronounced as “rebrand”, which means changing something that is already established. And this is exactly what our aim is: to take on Ribnica’s heritage of making woodenware and spice it up with a new, modern approach. We wanted to show the craftsmen working in the area, and wider, of course, that you can take something that has already been done and transform it into a story that is completely new.

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Additional information

Weight 1001 kg
Dimensions 240 × 208 × 36 cm



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