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Silver ring TWIG black

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At rare times we meet someone and instantly adore who they are. Unconsciously, we improve a little. This is one of those times. Inspiration for this ring was the courageous movement of birds in the air. The position of wings in the very moment they decide to change direction and catch the resistance of air. Made to encourage and finally accept, that inevitable change of course is not that scary.

Product Description

  • Ring is designed and crafted by hand.
  • Small differences can be found due to hand work of each piece, which makes it unique.
  • Handmade in Slovenia.
  • Ring in 925 Silver.


This ring combines two parts: a TWIG, symbolizing a personality we are publicly showing, and a  SHADE, signifying everything we don’t want people to see.

It should be worn by someone who needs to be reminded that loving both parts is the key.

The sizes

Not all ring sizes are in stock. The time for making the right size is 10 days from your order.


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