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Socks Briške češnje cherries

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Brda is by far the best known for the briške češnje cherries, which ripen from the end of April / beginning of May until the middle of June. The fruit, full of juicy taste, recognizable red color, and crispy texture gained the title of the queen of Brda fruit. They are found fresh, in cooking, jams, and spirits. The entire crop is carefully grown by more than 150 cherry growers, who make sure that this fruit reaches the highest quality. Brici have historically been carried in baskets and transported from carts far and wide around. Old varieties of Briške češnje, such as black and white
cepike, drugmberce, napoleonke, čufarce, tercinke, čempevke, vedrjanke and others, and prepared many delicious dishes from them. A special postal service then took care of fresh shipments, and for Brici – briške češnje was the first earner after a long winter. Even then, cherries were also prized in Imperial Vienna, distant St. Petersburg, Prague, and other European capitals.

Slocks are a homage to Slovenian cultural heritage, adorned with dishes and objects that are sacred to Slovenians, inspire us with pride and represent us in the world. Slocks socks have elements and patterns from our everyday lives – as well those that only happen on special occasions. Slocks promote sustainable development and eco-friendly fashion, so they are made from materials that are free of toxins and do not have a negative effect on the environment.

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