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Socks Honey

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Slovenian MED (honey) is produced all over Slovenia. It also carries a protected geographical indication – Slovenski med, and a special feature is the indigenous Slovenian bee – kranjska sivka (Apis mellifera carnica), which is the second most widely spread bee breed in the world.. Slovenians have protected Slovenian honey at the European level.

Among the most common types of honey are acacia, linden tree, fir, spruce, chestnut, floral, dandelion etc. Kraški med honey and Kočevje forest honey are a speciality, protected by designation of origin. Slovenians have a long tradition of beekeeping, which is well preserved.

We have great love for bees, every 200th Slovenian is a beekeeper. Slovenians were one of the initiators for May 20th to become World Bee Day. We celebrated our first World Bee Day on May 20, 2018. On this occasion, Slovenia issued a themed coin designed by architect Jani Bizjak and he also created these #slocks. Honeylicious indeed!

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