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Spruce bracelet

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Inner strenght.

Product Description

The spruce will be exposed to repeated threats of the bark beetle and ice- and wind damages, caused by global warming. The spruce’s strength will defy them, but the population will be reduced, it shall be Substituted by the beech tree, its growth line will rise.

In nature, changes are usual, but our misbehavior Accelerates them. As you wear this bracelet remember that nature is our home. Let the way you live help keep nature for our successors.

Unique piece for a friend a spouse, partner.

Handmade with recycled silver. The shape is unaltered 100% designed by the plant. Made with a very special technique, a real plant leaf is used in a process. This is a unique – one of a kind piece, new leaf is used for each pin.

Hand made with respect to our home–the EARTH in Ljubljana.


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