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Table mat DIYW empty

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Table mats | Do It Your Way

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The collection combines modern technology with handwork. It explores its therapeutic qualities and includes them in the production process. It creates work groups which use manual work as a tool for psychotherapeutic process, offering them earning opportunities at the same time. It deals with the question of the true value of work in the world of mass production, highlighting the products’ background by disclosing essential informations about their formation. The collection has a purpose to remember us about the power we carry in our hands, awaking our hiden creative abilities at the same time. The user can buy the embroidered product and later change it with their own embroideries, or can choose the plain option. Material: birch plywood Techniques: lasercut, hand embroidery Made in Slovenia

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Weight 0.043 kg
Dimensions 15 × 14.5 cm



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